From 2024 to 2027 and beyond. Focus is on the dApp first, followed by AI and social networking, followed by governance. Governance is completed last when the company becomes mature enough.

Phase 1

Development of the MVP: User Interface (UI) of the dApps for the museum, artist studio, curator desk, host desk, and governance.

Development of the backend (server side). This includes content management system, content deliver network integration, museum management, admin panel & APIs.

Backbone infrastructure for future governance gets under way.

Phase 2

Development of Cinematic Preview Experience (UX-related) and digital & physical formats are developed and beta tested as display solutions. AI implementation begins here with some features being added to the dApp. This is an active area of work.

A selected number of members are invited to test the UX/UI. Feedback is gathered and the dApp undergoes upgrades & improvements.

Social networking and analytic tools get worked on.

Governance framework is worked on.

Phase 3

The release of the first version of the dApp with basic features for all participants. In this version exhibitors, hosts, collectors, curators, and audiences will be able to connect and use the application for a full cycle of experience. More AI features are added.

Social networking features including personalization, profiles, and analytics are beta tested by selected individuals.

We invite and onboard a select group of artists, dealers, and collection owners with the aim of creating a list of 25 (or more) exhibitions ready to be hosted.

Basic governance is implemented and tested by select individuals.

Phase 4

We continue to expand our list of our participating users while putting focus on inviting at least 25 willing hosts, individual or institutional, to connect them to others and to make them ready to run local trials.

Phase 5

Marketing, partnership, and institutional push: Once 25 use-cases are completed, feedback is gathered, and improvements are made to the application and its processes, we focus on promoting the application to various groups of potential exhibitors, with the goal to grow the exhibitions library as well as a database of hosts to reach a the wider, interested audience.

Phase 6

Expansion plan #1 (mobile): NFT/C platform has reached at least 5000+ active users (exhibitors, hosts). We improve and adjust functionalities, experience (UI/UX), and release the first mobile dApp version with our guest list management feature and extra social capabilities.

Optimization of generative AI features takes place.

Phase 7

Expansion plan #2: Our database of exhibitions library reaches 150 exhibitions. We release individual and institutional membership which would offer a different and greater range of possibilities.

AI and governance are further worked on and expanded.

Phase 8

Expansion plan #3: Having reached 300 exhibition libraries, at least 3000 active users, and 10000+ audience members, we expand the team while continuously improving the technology and user and interface experience. We begin a geographically focused scale-up strategy with partners where we will be targeting specific regions, focusing on one at the time before moving on.

Governance is fully implemented. AI features are very mature.

Phase 9

Expansion plan #4: More marketing and other plans TBA.

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