How It Works: Onboarding

The First Step!

Onboarding is a relatively simple, straightforward process that’s typical of blockchain projects. On the surface, no account is technically necessary to browse galleries and partake in some real world events (this depends largely on the host/location’s requirements). However, the limitations of this level of access outweigh the benefits.

For a more advanced account that has access to role-specific features other than what's available to a general member, the minimum amount of information required goes up based on their role in the real art world (e.g., renowned artist, collector, etc.) and their type of activity on NFTC strictly for internal verification purposes (known as “KYC'' or “know your customer”) and as required by law.

Thus, the bare minimum amount of information that needs to be provided for the creation of a general member account is email, password, and a blockchain wallet. (For those that don’t have a blockchain wallet, NFTC has documentation on how to acquire one.) Descriptive personal details aren’t required, although there is always the option should one choose to build a more complete profile for communication and interaction with other individuals.

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