Unique Value

To All Participants

Value To Exhibitors

Access to quality circulation channels

Accessing unexpected scenes, circles, communities

NFT Contemporary validates all artists, including those that are famous and those that are unknown, by helping them build relationships via exposure and promotion of their digital and physical artwork to secure a deep and lasting link to their ideal audience that goes beyond the simple exchange of art for cash. NFT/C’s unique approach as a mediator (filter) and experience creator works by delivering only high quality interactions in order to generate repeat interest for the artist(s) which often leads to higher revenue.

What’s more, NFT/C brings value to artists by enabling access to the right circulation channels. This can be understood not only as empowering artists to reach the appropriate targets such as buyers, collectors, and hosts, but also as aiding them in designing and packaging in a particular format and style for the multiple outlets made available to them exclusively by NFT/C.

Value To Hosts

Great utilization of space and visibility

Backdrop for a high-quality parties

Revenue from sales

Becoming a curator

Value To Hosts / Locations NFT Contemporary makes it completely effortless and trouble-free for hosts and locations to invite artists and to create new exhibitions, including setting up digital and physical shows with fresh content and different experience formats. NFT/C makes this possible by providing high caliber content that’s relevant and tailoring it according to requested specifications (known as “exhibition programming”).

By being a part of the NFT/C network, they benefit from greater utilization of their space, thereby increasing their profile and visibility which increases their traffic and their patrons’ interest, leading to higher monetization potential.

Value To Dealers

Expanding exposure

Reaching a broader audiences

NFT Contemporary’s main value to dealers comes from giving them further global exposure and the ability to reach a broader audience. In addition, it benefits them by eliminating the factors that hinder their ability to participate in the market. NFT/C does this by removing fragmentation, or “inconsistencies,” typically found in both the real art world and the NFT space such as choice overload, buggy marketplaces, poorly designed websites, questionable authenticity, and low quality presentation of the work and the artist.

With NFT/C, dealers have a very streamlined experience not just from the navigational point of view but also the logistical one with regard to owning (whole or fraction), buying, selling, transferring, and storing of works. NFT/C’s expertise and support ensures that dealers don’t struggle in their ability to perform their preferred business activities.

Value To Collectors

Accessing unseen art

NFT Contemporary’s value to collectors is in its facilitation of acquisitions and sales, providing support through the entire process to make it as smooth as possible, as well as the furnishing of new and elegant ways for collectors to discover high-quality artists and artworks in their chosen configuration, a type of “augmented portfolio,” to fit their enjoyment needs as the ultimate consumers who are there to share and circulate their collection(s).

On top of that, collectors can feel safe knowing that NFT/C is fully transparent, being able to provide authentication and tracking of provenance for all works of art and prevents illicit trading.

Value To Audiences

NFT/C gives to spectators value not so much in the form of a marketplace as in the form of an experience place.

NFT/C accomplishes this by focusing on the other side of the equation: instead of bringing the spectator to the artist, the artist is brought to the spectator, and the experience is tailored in such a way that special emphasis is put on ideation, realization, appreciation, and provenance of the artwork—attributes that amateur and professional connoisseurs are all highly attuned to.

Such an event is free from geographical limitations, being able to be accessed from anywhere around the world at partner venues, and each one is unique in presentation depending on whether it’s physical, digital, or a mix of the two.

As a last value, NFT/C spectator-members are entitled to opportunities of networking and curated discovery for original and different experiences to find what they connect to best.

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