NFT Contemporary offers a groundbreaking experience-focused ecosystem that harnesses the benefits of Web3 technologies and leverages the utility of smart contracts to allow artists to directly connect with their audiences in a frictionless manner.

The platform-experience place enables artists to not only sell their artworks (digital, tokenized, or actual assets) but also to contract out custom tailored digital and physical exhibition experiences, or “playlists,” to small and large venues, institutions, and qualified individuals.

First, as solution to lack of accessibility, physical space, and non-fungible token utility, NFT/C employs advanced storage technologies (e.g., IPFS or “InterPlanetary File System”) to ensure that all artwork is available digitally at all times to all platform participants and is accounted for physically so that it can be requested for display regardless of where it is located in the world. NFT/C makes this process easier by working with the appropriate partners on behalf of its community to reduce and remove obstacles associated with logistics.

Second, NFT/C facilitates access and interactions between the artist and the rest of the members of the ecosystem, supplying them all with exclusive standardized tools and smart contracts. The artist provides the necessary content relevant to a particular work according to a framework set forth by NFT/C, and NFT/C processes and packages it into a proprietary format that specifically meets the needs of the interested stakeholder (e.g., an art location).

The art location is then able to host this “playlist” for its patrons, allowing them to revel in a unique art experience that emphasizes the artist and the object’s provenance rather than ownership. This model benefits everyone involved in the process of creation, delivery, and appreciation.

Third and last, NFT/C creates an environment that is friendly and inclusive, fair, transparent, and streamlined.

By adopting a decentralized easy-to-use governance system on the blockchain, NFT/C is able to dissolve the system of centralization that grips so much of the art world. Big decisions are made by the community as a whole with an elected board of trustees, not by a small profit-motivated team.

This makes NFT/C resistant to 1. attacks by single like-minded groups who may bear malicious motives and 2. malevolent artists with the intention to create and upload junk or spam.

By taking a range of fees from transactions, the NFT Contemporary solution is able to solve all the major shortcomings of not only the traditional art world but also the NFT market by filling the critically needed role of an innovative mediator-enabler and provider of expression, experience, connection, and exposure to all artists and their works.

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